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Duane Michals.

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A Man Dreaming in the City, 1969

A Woman Dreaming in the City, 1968

Joseph Cornell, 1972

Balthus and Setsuko, 2000

Black is Ugly, 1974

Black is Ugly. All his life he believed the lies white men had told him. He believed that black was ugly and a punishment from God, although he could not guess what his sin must have been. So he spent his entire life being cold when white men were warm, and being hungry when white men were fed. It seemed to him to be the natural order of things, although he could not guess why he should be punished. And when I told him it was not true, he would not believe me. It was too late.

Certain  Words Must Be Said, 1976

Certain Words Must Be Said. Things had become impossible between them and nothing could be salvaged. Certain words must be said. And although each one had said those words silently to herself a hundred times, neither had the courage to say them outloud to one another. So they began to hope someone else might say the necessary words for them. Perhaps a letter might arrive or a telegram delivered that would say what they could not. Now they spent their days waiting. What else could they do?
Nude Observed, 1968

The Vanity of Animals, 2004

The Human Condition, 1968

A Letter From My Father, 1975

A Letter From My Father. As long as I can remember, my father always said that one day he would write me a very special letter. But he never told me what the letter might be about. I used to try to guess what intimacy the two of us would at last share, what mystery, what family secret would be revelead. I know what I hoped to read in the letter. I wanted him to tell me where he had hidden his affection. But then he died, and the letter never did arrive. And I never found that place where he has hidden his love.

This Photography Is My Proof, 1974

This Photograph Is My Proof. There was that afternoon, when things were still good between us, and she embraced me, and we were so happy. It did happen, she did love me. Look see for yourself!

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