sábado, 13 de junho de 2015

Citações de Futebol.


“I wish I could tell you how I did it but I can´t”
(Sergio Aguero, Manchester City and Argentina striker, on the stoppage-time goal v Queens Park Rangers that won the Premier League title, 2012)
"Football is a fertility festival. Eleven sperm trying to get into the egg. I feel sorry for the goal keeper"
(Bjork, icelandic singer, 1995)
I say this: the player who scores our winning goal in the final is free to enter me from behind”
(Maradona, World Cup finals, 2010)
“Great teams always have a Plan B. Look at Barcelona. Their Plan B is to stick to Plan A”
(John Giles, Irish TV pundit, 2013)
“I always had a reputation for going missing – Miss England, Miss United Kingdom, Miss World….”
(George Best, 1992)
“Reporter: How did it feel to score such a great goal with your weaker foot?
Ibrahimovic: I don´t have a weaker foot”
(Zlatan Ibrahimovic, after the swede´s goal por PSG vs Bayer Leverkusen, 2014
“Sometimes you just want to stop playing just to watch him (Zidane)”
(Christophe Dugarry, France colleague, 2000)
Football is the most important of the less important things in the world”
(Carlo Ancelotti, former Milan coach, on why he was not angry at their  defeat after leading Liverpool 3-0 in the 2005 Champions League Final, 2013)
“I never acted professionally. I was never an athlete. I did not sleep properly. I did not eat like a sportsman. I was always late to training. I didn´t put the effort in training session every day. But I still scored 1002 goals”
(Romario, former Brazil striker)
“If the ball were a woman she´d be spending all night with Berbatov”
(Ian Holloway. Blackpool manager, 2009)
"Football: Bloody hell!"
(Alex Ferguson to tv interviewer, moments after Manchester United had won the European Cup with to last-gasp goals v Bayern Munich, 1999)
(a partir do livro de Phil Shaw, The Book of Football Quotations,
a selecção de Luís Faustino)

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  1. Creio que a frase atribuída ao Ancelotti é do Umberto Eco: O futebol é a coisa mais importante entre as que não têm importância nenhuma. (Mas posso estar enganado.)

  2. Aquela do Barça é espectacular.
    E se calhar é verdade.